Moulana Nabeel Afzal

About Shaykh Nabeel Afzal

Shaykh Nabeel Afzal Qadri was born in Coventry and from a young age had an association with Den due to his family background in particular his grandfather who was a devoted and pious man.
He began his memorisation of the holy Quran at a young age in Coventry with Hafiz Ameer Hussain at Eagle Street Masjid Coventry.
He later began his Islamic Studies at the Age of 11 at Jamia Islamia in Coventry. Tajweed, Basic Arabic, Seerah & History were amongst the subjects being taught to students of this age.
later Advanced studies at the age of 14 began under the Tutelage of Shaykh ul Hadith Allama Mufti Muhammed Yusuf Naqshbandi in Coventry. They themselves were a Teacher in Jamia Rizviyya Faisalabad for 14 years before coming to the UK. They specialise in Hadith and the Exegesis of the Quran. Along with them Allama Mufti Khalil Abdul Rehman was a teacher of Shaykh Nabeel Afzal. They Mainly taught Islamic Jurisprudence & its Sciences. They Currently reside in Den Haag Holland and are the Head Mufti of the Dar ul Ifta in Jamia Faizan E Mustafa. Fadeelatul Shaykh Zubair Muzaffer Al Azhari was the Arabic teacher of Shaykh Nabeel Afzal. Shaykh Muzaffer was a teacher at Al Azhar University in Cairo Egypt before coming to the UK. Studying under these teachers continued until the age of 21. Within this time Shaykh Nabeel also spent some time in Cairo Egypt and Faisalabad Pakistan.
After this in 2009 Shaykh Nabeel Afzal studied a further 2 years with his Shaykh to whom he gave Bay’ah to in 2008. No other than Shaykh Syed Mohammed Irfan Shah Mash’hadi Moosvi (May Allah preserve them) in the Qadri & Naqshbandi Silsila. The Chain of Qadri Bay’ah directs towards The Sanctuary of Baghdad Sharif through his eminence Shaykh Syed Yusuf Abdullah Al Gilani Alaihirahma who was the Custodian of Baghdad Sharif and a direct descendant of Ghawth ul Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani RadiAllahuanh. And bay’ah in the Naqshabandi Chain directed towards Astaana e Aliya Muqaddasa Keyleyan Wala Sharif in Pakistan through Qutb ul Waqt Hazrat Pir Syed Baqir Ali Shah Bukhari Kelani alaihirahma. This Sanctuary has its spiritual connection to Sher e Rabbani Mian Sher Mohammed Sharaqpuri Alaihirahma.
The 2 years of studying with their Shaykh consisted of Hadith & other Sciences. As well as this it included tasawwuf and the hidden knowledge behind these pages. This timescale of education concluded in 2011.
In the years 2008-2009 Shaykh Nabeel Afzal went to The University of Birmingham at the Edgbaston campus to do his Masters (MA) in Islamic Studies and Theology.
Since 2009 Shaykh Nabeel Afzal has strived to work for Deen & The Maslak of the Ahlusunnah Wal Jam’ah in Coventry particularly and throughout the UK. In June 2009 Shaykh Nabeel established the 1st all youth organised Islamic Institute in Coventry under the name of Al Madina Islamic Centre. Alongside this due to the Deviants & Innovators being on the front foot in Coventry and misguiding the Sunni youth to Wahabism for years, an organisation by the name of Coventry Sunni Movement was set up to reinvigorate our youth and to counter Najdism. It was an ideology and method to counter falsehood and to spread the correct teachings of the Ahlusunnah under the banner of the Mujaddid Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Rida khan Alaihirahma. This proved to be extremely beneficial as it halted the propaganda of the deviants and gave a platform to the Ahlusunnah to propagate our Maslak.
In the following year the Sunni Movement became a phenomenon and revitalised the youth across the Country & by 2011 it had spread so much that 23 branches were established across the UK from Teesside to London. Branches had been established as far as Sydney Australia, Bombay India, Vancouver Canada and Thailand. This was a movement which moved the Iman with in our Sunni Youth and gave them the passion and inspiration to work for their Aqaa’id. Some of the leading English speaking scholars of the UK were heading and leading this organisation alongside Shaykh Nabeel Afzal.
In 2010 a second and bigger Building was acquired in Coventry due to the growing number of students and eventually in 2011 a building was purchased which is currently being used as the base of the CSM. This was given the name Al Madina Ghausia Rizviyya Islamic Centre. Currently approximately 150 students are being taught at the facility in classes such as Quran & Naazira, Hifz of the Quran, Dars e Nizami & General islamic education. Shaykh Nabeel is the Principal & head teacher of this Institute.
Amongst many great achievements of Shaykh Nabeel Afzal in Coventry & across the UK one of the highlights was the reestablishment of the Mawlid Un Nabi SalAllahu alaihi wasallam in Coventry. A 16 year absence of a Mawlid procession due to the propaganda of the Innovators left a vague memory amongst Sunnis of Coventry about previous Mawlid celebrations and left others completely unaware of what Mawlid is. After years of efforts on the 10th of February 2013 the first International Mawlid Event and procession was held in Coventry under Shaykh Nabeels Guidance. Thousands attended from Coventry and across the UK. In 2014 the 2nd Annual Procession was held and Insha Allah will continue to do so. This action completely spilt water over the efforts of the deviants and was a massive step forward for the Sunni public of Coventry.
At the Annual Mawlid in 2014 Shaykh Nabeel Afzal was bestowed with Khilafat & Ijazat by Shaykh Syed Irfan Mash’hadi in the Qadri order.
At the 13th Annual Haq Chaar Yaar conference in Bradford April 2014 Shaykh Nabeel Afzal was appointed the President of Sunni Jamiyyat Awaam UK which is an organisation that extends all over the UK in over 30 Cities that propagates the teachings of the Ahlusunnah and side by side does work to serve humanity.
Along with Shaykh Nabeels commitments in Coventry they have been traveling the UK for the last 5 years delivering lectures all across the United Kingdom. From Aberdeen in the North of Scotland to Portsmouth in the south of England to Cardiff in Wales & Dublin in Ireland. They have delivered lectures across Europe in France, Belgium & Holland. They also have regular programmes on Ummah Channel and are an integral part of their team.
Shaykh Nabeel always mentions that a major part in their work & Success in Coventry & Across the UK was played by their loyal students & humble supporters. They have stood with Shaykh Nabeel throughout their hard & easy times and Shaykh Nabeel always prays for their success.
May Allah continue to give Shaykh Nabeel the ability to serve the Deen and give success to all those who support and pray for him.
Ameen bi Jahin Nabiyyil Kareem SalAllahu alaiyhi wasallam.